An unforgettable full-day tour in the Old City and contemporary Pera.

This tour is the right combination for a fulfilling Istanbul experience if you are limited on time. You will be visiting most of the highlights in the Old City, shop in the aromatic and colorful ancient spice market, experience the characteristic Galata Bridge with gorgeous panoramic views and walk the famous Istiklal Street to get to know the contemporary face of Istanbul.

Istanbul’s rich layers of history are concentrated in the Old City. Monuments on this tour deliver the essence of Istanbul’s historical grandeur, characteristic life style, mysteries above and under the ground, and the might of the empires that made it the crown of their glory.

Istiklal Street is very important in Istanbul’s history, being the heart of the 19th century transition of life towards a European style. It will help shape a true understanding of the multidimensional character of Istanbul.

There are plenty of options to indulge your appetite for the tastiest Turkish food in the Old City. Authentic dishes perfected in the palace kitchens, mouth watering gyros, sizzling spicy kebabs, endless varieties of Turkish delight and sweets…We will take you there…

Istiklal Street is yet another treasure hunt of endless varieties of delicious Turkish food, from gyros, pudding with chicken breast, moist hamburgers,  spicy kebabs to world class restaurants.

While visiting mosques, female visitors are kindly asked to cover their hair. Please bring a scarg along if you prefer to use your own.Otherwise, they will be available at the entrance.
This is your private tour to enjoy to the fullest. We walk at your pace, talk about anything you want to know regarding our beautiful country, rest a little if you need to and stop to take pictures.
You can buy your own traditional Turkish wash and rub cloth used in hamams and at home by Turkish people.It makes a good gift and you will love using it.

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One of the masterpieces of Ottoman religious architecture, the Blue Mosque is very impressive with its pale rustic colors, a very proportional cascade of domes and six minarets that call the faithful to prayer. It is the early 17th century mosque of young and very pious Sultan Ahmet I, still active and very popular, and it is like an enormous jewelery box covered with exquisite blue Iznik tiles on the inside.


Hagia Sophia is emperor Justinian’s majestic 6th century Eastern Roman cathedral. Rising atop cisterns and mysterious underground passages, it later served as the imperial mosque of Ottoman sultans.  Today, the mega structure is a very impressive museum.


The heart of entertainment and social life of ancient Constantinople, the Roman hippodrome was originally built for gladiator and vicious animal fights.With the advancement of a Christian lifestyle of the Byzantine Empire, it became a race track for chariot races, dramatic spectacles and impressive public appearances of Byzantine emperors.


A very fragrant, traditional bazaar filled with shops and stalls overflowing with spices, nuts, dried fruit, Turkish delight and tea. The 350 year old building is infused with the aroma of cardamom, coriander, saffron, cumin, oregano and mint, and has always been an indispensable part of the bustling Golden Horn trade district. You can shop for spices with confidence since they can be vacuum packed for you to comfortably travel with.



Connecting the old town with the contemporary Pera, the ” bridge” that named a popular card game, is lined with fish restaurants on the sea level, and filled with fishermen and their poles almost 24/7 on top. The 360 view of the old city, Pera and the Asian side from the bridge lets it sink in that you are in Istanbul.

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The fashionable Grand Rue de Pera of the 19th century is now a cosmopolitan walking street with a nostalgic tram. Lined with art neuveau buildings, elegant passages, all kinds of food, specialty candy shops, bars, roof top restaurants, trendy boutiques, book stores and art galleries; this is where you can watch Istanbul walking by.

  • Hagia Sophia…Blue Mosque…Hippodrome…Spice Market…Galata Bridge…Istiklal Street

An unforgettable full-day walking & tram tour in the Old City and contemporary Pera.

Enjoy the benefits of touring Istanbul with a highly knowledgeable, friendly private tour guide. No waiting in line, whenever possible.