Born into a very adventurous family in Istanbul, I got the travel bug during our numerous family trips to every corner of Turkey, thanks to my father’s never ending passion to explore the best sources of food.

We would travel to Trabzon on the Black Sea coast for the best butter, to Ayvalik on the Aegean coast to find the best extra virgin olive oil and to mountain tops for the best tasting spring water. Being stung by three bees in one day while trying to sample pine honey, fresh from bee hives in Marmaris is among my “now sweet” childhood memories. We would stop at most road side sellers to buy sun ripened tomatoes, fragrant and juicy peaches, sweet green figs, pine honey or fresh chickpea bread, and we wouldn’t miss any opportunities to have a little picnic feast along the way.

My alma mater in Istanbul was the American Academy of Girls, and during my high school years I was introduced to the culture of America, where later I would raise my family. Following my college years at the Bosphorus University in Istanbul, in 1986 I became a professional tour guide, licensed by the Turkish Ministery of Tourism and I started guiding tours all around Turkey.

In 1992, I married my husband Sinan who was already living in the US since childhood, and I moved to upstate NY, and America became my second homeland. We were blessed with a son and a daughter, one year apart. Both of my children are NYU graduates and they live in NYC.

I love to cook, eat and entertain, and I believe that food is more delicious when you share it. For many years in our upstate NY home, we hosted open house parties to celebrate the holidays with students studying away from their homes and families. I take great pride in the tours I design, and I host my guest travelers with the same hospitality, passion and dedication as I do in my home.

Over the years, I realized that the vastly diverse people in the world in fact share a considerable amount of similarities. The warm messages conveyed by a bright smile, a shared meal, a warm conversation, family ties and friendships are universal. People everywhere can be very different, yet so much alike and close to our heart at the same time.

Building on these similarities, I have faith that the power of travel will broaden our perspectives and our understanding of the world we live in. Travel experience will entertain, amuse, enrich and bind us together as we enjoy the thrill of discovering our differences…

Thank you once again for being our tour guide. I really valued the passion you have for Turkey and the way you went about your role as a tour guide. Your attention to everybody’s needs was exceptional. I have not worked with a better guide anywhere else in the world. It was so easy to work in together and provide the best possible tour for the travellers. Keep smiling!

Rob Spence


Your guide loves to dance 🙂

At Hierapolis, home of the Cotton Castle

With my better half

Looking serious with my kids

My children

With my brother

This is a tray of baklava!


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