Wanted to express to you our sincere thanks for a memorable visit to Istanbul. Your charm and knowledge added immensely to our visit. With all best wishes for your future and with great affection.
Greg and Barb
If the world had more people like you in it, we would have a much better world. I felt your sincerety and love that you displayed to everyone, you are truly a remarkable individual.
I hated to leave, hope to get back some day. Thanks so much for everything, we would have never managed to see, learn and do so much without you. Gave some of your cards to our hotel, highly recommended you. The most amazing city I have ever been in….the best guide ever!!!
Thank you for an absolutely wonderful and enjoyable time the last two days. We had so much fun with you and your knowledge of Turkey is so impressive. We thoroughly enjoyed spending time with you. Thank you again for all your kindness and please stay in touch. We just think the world of you.
Alan and Bruce
.. regarding Berna, our very capable and personable guide. She could have not been more accommodating, knowledgeable and just plain enjoyable to be with…
It was a wonderful trip from every perspective, and we will always remember how gracefully and generously you conveyed to us the beauty of your country.
We’re still basking in the memories of our wonderful trip, which we largely credit to you. I believe meeting you was not an accident. It’s a blessing to know you.
…cannot sing her praises high enough. She is EXCELLENT. We have travelled widely and used many guides but she was outstanding…
We want to thank you once again for your expertise, your humor, your understanding as to our limitations and our exchange of wonderful stories of family and fun.
We have such wonderful memories of our trip to Turkey, we are so grateful to have had the opportunity to see it with you. I find it very difficult when friends ask about our trip to convey the true essence of our experience, there really is no way with words, I think one has just to experience it.
Berna, I want to thank you again for your terrific effort to make our visit to Turkey so interesting and enjoyable. I hope our paths cross again. All my best,
Your significant part of our trip to Istanbul will never be forgotten.
Dave and Mary Jo

Enjoy touring fascinating Turkey with a highly knowledgeable and friendly private tour guide.

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I keep telling all my friends what a beautiful person you are on the inside as well as the outside!!!! You (and your personality) made my trip to Turkey so great! I would love to “show you off” to my family and friends. I can tell them what a nice person you are but it would be better if they could see for themselves.
Dear Berna,
We are grateful for the fantastic experience we had during our 11 day tour to Turkey.
You showed us insurmountable kindness and compassion.
You imparted your passion for your country with so much enthusiasm that by the end of the trip, we felt like family!
This will go on record as one of our most memorable trips!
We look forward to seeing you again — soon.
Best regards,
Miriam & Gloria , MIGI Associates
We were fortunate to have the services of a wonderful professional guide, Berna Yenisey, through an arrangement with your company. Exploring Istanbul for a week and then having two days in Cappadocia was a wonderful experience for all of us. Much of the success of our trip is owed to Berna’s outstanding care and service.

Our experience with Berna was transformative. Her knowledge of history, art, and culture was extraordinary, and besides her deep understanding of her own culture, she could easily interpret it in relation to our own experience, since she had spent many years as an adult and a parent in the States before returning home. Given this history, it is no surprise that her English is impeccable. What most impressed us, however, and was instrumental in helping us to understand a very different culture was her kindness, wit, respect for differences, humility, humor, good will, and fine sense of balance. We came away with wonderful memories mixed with what we hope is a renewed and respectful appreciation of the values that unite humans despite their differences and fears.

It would be hard to imagine a better professional guide or teacher. We count ourselves lucky to have had her services and are certainly encouraged to seek your help in planning future excursions. We are recommending your agency (and Berna’s expertise, if possible) to friends who are planning to travel to Turkey.

With best regards,

Richmond, Susan, Faye, Lori, Gerald
Berna: thanks for making our vacation so enjoyable, interesting and worry free. You were amazing and we are very grateful.
Ken (for Cole, Syd and Jakob)
I want to thank you for your gracious hospitality while I was in Turkey. Your knowledge and expertise was so impressive-you made the sites come alive!
Thank you so much for opening my eyes to the beauty and history that you are surrounded with. It is clear that you went to a lot of trouble to make our trip fun, memorable and informed. Thank you for the care and wisdom you shared. Thank you so much for sharing your awesome country with us with all your wonderful stories and history of your homeland. Being in Turkey seems so much like a dream now and I feel very privileged to have been in your group.. I look at my pictures and I have many precious memories.

Best wishes for your next group and thank you once again for a truly remarkable experience.

Lots of love,

We want to thank you from the bottoms of our hearts for all that you have done during our stay in Turkey.
Srinivas & Prabha
Just wanted to say thank you again for all your help. You certainly made Turkey come alive. It was a wonderful visit and not long enough.
I am the newest best export of Turkey as I am telling everyone how wonderful a country it is and how your pride and love for it spilled over onto me. You are a wonderful knowledgeable and professional guide with a warm and lovely person and I am so glad we met. I am so happy you are in some my photos.

Enjoy touring fascinating Turkey with a highly knowledgeable and friendly private tour guide.

Ask Berna to plan your journey of a life time to Turkey…