Turkey is a fascinating country located at the cross roads of Europe and Asia. With three percent of its land in Europe, the greater portion of Turkey is a huge peninsula called Anatolia, protruding westward from Asia and it is surrounded by the Black Sea, the Aegean and the Mediterranean seas on three sides. Its unique location with abundant natural resources and comfortable climate has made it the natural stage where a glorious history took place.


This beautiful and bountiful jewel of a land has seen countless waves of invasions and immigration from every direction, continually shaping it and creating a heterogeneous population and a legacy of ancient cities and monuments. It has been home to a succession of powerful states including the Hittites, Phrygians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, and eventually the Ottoman Empire. Today, it is the Republic of Turkey, and we proudly call it “home“.

Turkey exists in multitudes and contrasts. It is a true melting pot of diverse cultures, of the Mediterranean and the Orient, the traditional and the modern; but above all, it is a fusion of the East and the West.

In Turkey, get ready to be pleasantly surprised with overflowing Greco-Roman ruins with their temples and theaters, Byzantine churches, breath taking Ottoman mosques and palaces, ancient bazaars , hamams, castles, kervansarays, cisterns, mansions, vibrant cities and rustic villages. Lose yourselves in the beauty of fertile green valleys, soaring mountains, rugged plateaus, a spectacularly beautiful coastline, olive groves, peach orchards, sandy beaches and the turquoise sea.

Turkey is a shopper’s paradise of artisan’s crafts, spices, silk, handmade Iznik tiles, hand made carpets of different regions, textiles, sweets and traditional Turkish arts. Visiting the ancient bazaars creates an excitement for all of your five senses and it is a great way of understanding and feeling the Turkish culture.

Turkish culinary culture deserves a very special mention. Experiencing the glorious Turkish food is a reason to visit Turkey all by itself. Eating well is a time-honoured ritual in Turkey and the rituals surrounding food are the most important way to immerse yourselves in our culture. Delicious kebaps, mezes, pides, fresh vegetables slow cooked in olive oil, ayran, parade of baklavas, yummy Turkish delight, Turkish tea and Turkish coffee… They will make a feast for your eyes and will take your taste buds to travel in a different dimension.

Although it has a magical history which is immersed in the everyday life, Turkey does not live in the past. Modern-day Turkey is now a thrusting and dynamic society with an ever-developing economy, and a complex political and cultural environment. It is seeking to preserve its multicultural heritage and traditions of hospitality while also boasting a modern life style with hipster hangouts, cafes, trend-setting shops and bars popping up in neighborhoods, clubs to dance the night away in, classical music concerts, fine boutique hotels and world class resorts.

All these being said, Turkey’s true charm lies in its deep culture, genuine and warm hospitality, traditions and its enlightening and entertaining stories. They will create the truly memorable experience of what the soul of Turkey truly is.

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